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Financial Derivatives


Event Description

Financial Derivatives

Conscious and productive use.

The webinar reviews:

 - The essence of the concept in insurance (hedging) of the acquisition / change in the value of tangible / intangible assets in the future.

 - What can act as an asset?

 - The difference between the currency, index, interest, commodity and credit derivatives.

 - When are FDs used in practice?

- The most popular and capital-friendly types of derivative financial instruments.

 Also, expert practitioner Elena Roztopira will consider the following issues:

- methods for measuring the fair value of reclassified financial assets in the event of a change in business model;

- impairment of financial assets;

- how to calculate expected losses from financial assets;

- What are the main changes in the classification and evaluation of financial instruments?

To whom it will be interesting:

to financial directors

to chief accountants

IFRS Specialists

-specialists and heads of planning and economic departments

- to specialists of the department of internal control (audit).